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Editor’s Pick: Decolonized Discipleship (Book Excerpt)

Ekemini Uwan

Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from Truth’s Table: Black Women’s Musings on Life, Love, and Liberation. Preorder your copy today! From the chapter, “DECOLONIZED DISCIPLESHIP” by Ekemini Uwan The irony of all ironies is that I originally wrote this essay, “Decolonized Discipleship,” years ago because an “urban” white evangelical organization reached out and […]

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Freedom and the Black Church on Juneteenth

Christian Crawford

The Black church is at the center of emancipatory events like Juneteenth. In her book On Juneteenth, Pulitzer Prize winner Dr. Annette Gordon-Reed wrote, “Black Texans were determined, despite the early intimidating anger of Whites, to celebrate what was initially called Emancipation Day. Most of the first celebrations were in churches.” These first celebrations reveal […]

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Southern Baptist seminary presidents reaffirm their commitment to whiteness

Jemar Tisby

Southern Baptist leaders have chosen to prop up whiteness.
It is ironic that in their statement, these Southern Baptist seminary presidents claim they are “standing against the tide of theological compromise.”

There is no form of theological compromise that is more American than vigorously opposing those who advocate for racial justice while remaining silent about the racism and whiteness running rampant in the church.

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PTM: “After Whiteness” with Dr. Willie Jennings

The Witness

Today’s episode is fire. Tyler Burns has the honor of interviewing powerhouse theologian and author, Dr. Willie Jennings. This episode is filled with powerful insights that will strike uncomfortably close to home. For the uninitiated, Dr. Willie Jennings is an Associate Professor of Systematic Theology and Africana Studies at Yale Divinity School. Writing in the […]

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The Early African Framers of the Christian Faith

Celucien L. Joseph

Selected Important Works of Early African Christian Literature in the First 600 Years of Christianity The Christian religion was born in the Roman Empire and consequently spread under its influence and with its support. Christianity moved rapidly from Palestine, Asia, Africa, and then Europe, in that sequential order. The Continent of Africa was a significant […]

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What Did God Really Say? Reflections on Candice Benbow & Dr. Howard John Wesley — Part 2

Rasool Berry

Read Part 1 here!   Experience vs. Exegesis Both Candice Benbow and Dr. Howard John Wesley express value for the Bible, but challenge the idea of its reliability and therefore its authority. Benbow argues that experience should be prioritized over the Bible. Wesley also places experience as criteria that can be placed above the Scripture […]

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What Did God Really Say? Reflections on Candice Benbow & Dr. Howard John Wesley — Part 1

Rasool Berry

My first impression of Christianity was that the God it spoke of said “white is right” and “black is bad.” Before I was born, my parents had left their Catholic and Baptist traditions to follow Minister Elijah Muhammad who started the Nation of Islam (hence the origin of my Arabic name). I understood early on […]

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Reject Overt and COVERT White Supremacy

Jarvis Williams

Overt expressions of White Supremacy engulfed Charlottesville this past weekend. The evil, hatred, and violence incited by White Supremacists resulted in a death and injuries of brave image-bearers opposing such hatred. Many Christians have rightly spoken out against these overt acts of White Supremacy. Those who willingly embrace a White Supremacist ideology might not necessarily […]

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