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“RICO Suave” (aka, The Latest Trump Indictment)

The Witness

Our resident wordsmith Ally Henny referred to the 45th president as “RICO Suave.” It’s a reference to the latest indictment of Trump (he’s facing 91 total counts if you’re keeping track)–this time in Georgia and for Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) violations. Tyler and Jemar talk about how this case differs from previous indictments […]

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Politics Current Events

The Biggest Threat to Christianity in the US

Jemar Tisby

Preliminary demographic data about the 2020 electorate has started rolling in. The Associated Press published the VoteCast survey that revealed some disappointing, if not altogether surprising, information: 81%…again. Four years ago eighty-one percent of voters who identified as white and evangelical threw their support behind Donald. J. Trump. Now, in a reprise of 2016 presidential election, white […]

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Four Lawmakers Opposed the New Anti-Lynching Law on the Basis of “States’ Rights.” Here’s Why That’s Wrong.

Malcolm Foley

On February 26th, just before the close of Black History Month, the House of Representatives voted 410-4 to make lynching a federal crime. After more than a century of proposing anti-lynching bills, Congress finally indicated that, at least in this narrow instance, Black lives (finally) matter. But one question immediately leaps to the forefront regarding […]

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Politics How to be an Ally 101

White Evangelicals Must Ask, “Why Does Our Theology Lead to Republicanism?”

Jemar Tisby

Much virtual ink has been spilled discussing the merits of the term “evangelical.” But the energetic attempts to declare #notallevangelicals fall short if they fail to ask, “Why does our theology lead to Republicanism?” The Politics of White Evangelicals The latest debate about evangelicalism relates to the voting habits of white evangelicals in recent elections. […]

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