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On Black History: From Platitudes to Participation

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  1. Aaron Bruce says:

    Honest story. I took your advice to heart. I googled “top hip hop songs of 2016”. Hot 100: Migos & Lil Uzi Vert’s “Bad And Boujee” Remains #1. Seriously?

    1) uses the “N” word
    2) said he’s going to “shoot ya”
    3) uses the “F” word to describe what he’s going to do with his “B” (girlfriend)
    4) talks about making crack in the kitchen while holding a large magazine assault rifle.

    All of this is in context that the assumption is that these are signs that he has “made it” in life.

  2. Stephanie L. Terry says:

    Continue To Teach to Educate Everyday…Never Forget that Our History is A Collective & Does Not Begin w/slavery in America. Our children & many adults will continue to Rise Up but we must seek the “Truth”. … Read, Learn, Grow, Prosper, Build…Each One Teach One, Each One Reach One is not just a sentence …it is our Hope that we cannot disguise or have taken away from us.

  3. Angela says:

    Excellent article…………………….will be looking and reading some the material suggested………………..

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