If you live in the Houston area (and even if you don’t), you’re in for some great teaching and honest dialogue on those burning questions that don’t seem to go away. Is Christianity a White Man’s Religion? What is Africa’s influence on the Bible? What does it mean to be black in America?

On January 12th-13th, Conscious Christianity (a collective of educators) will host a 2-day event on pivotal topics affecting our culture while addressing how to make a lasting, positive impact. This gathering will be held in Houston, TX at Crossover Bible Fellowship. Speakers include Dr. Eric Mason, Jerome Gay Jr., and Blake Wilson.

If you’re not in the Houston area, you can still take advantage of this great resource. You can livestream the event online which includes the lectures and Q&A sessions! Take a glimpse at what the lectures will cover below.

For more information and to register, click this link.



Is Christianity A White Man’s Religion?

When viewing any historical portrayals of Jesus, it seems to be far removed from any person of color. Considering the racial tensions that echo from a nation that was founded during the days of slavery, is Christianity only for “white evangelicals”?


Black Identity In America

What does it mean to be black in America? How does your ethnic background affect your current belief? We will seek to answer these questions and others as we uncover how race and faith impact everyone in our society.


Pan-Africanism & Kemetic Science

Kemetic sciences focus on people of color and their connection with Egypt (Kemet). Some attempt to revive a new spirituality based on ancient Egyptian belief. However, are the claims true? What are the similarities and differences to Christianity?