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Reflecting on Dr. James Cone (PTM 203)

Abigail Murrish

Jemar and Tyler are back to discuss the death of the Godfather of Black Theology, Dr. James Cone.

In this episode, Tyler and Jemar talk about:

  • Dr. Cone legacy in the black church
  • Why Christians shy away from his work
  • Why Dr. Cone is ignored in Evangelical seminaries
  • The new EJI Lynching Memorial

Read Jemar’s recent article on the Lynching Memorial and Dr. Cone’s legacy.

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  1. h l munsey

    i think i have read this article properly. i think the memorial is wonderful. i hope it visited by many. if i can ever make it to alabama, i would love to visit it. and as it should be included in history books, it never will (more than likely). and i’m not upset about it. it is what it is. i know i have to still focus on my SAVIOR and HIS WORD. there are some whites that will visit the memorial, and will go beyond that to learn of the racism that this country refuses to own. the one think i ‘truly’ disagree with in the article from mr cone is his reference of the lynching of blacks to JESUS dying on the cross. that is real wrong. (everything) that we have endured from whites is in NO COMPARISON to what JESUS CHRIST endured on the cross. and blacks need to know and understand that. and (true) christianity IS NOT white people saying that GOD says it’s ‘ok’ for them to be superior to any other people or race. and lets please stop blaming white people because we black folks are ‘disobedient’ to the Word of GOD. the black community (as a whole) vision in this life is to get the approval of ‘white america’. i’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo x a million that the LORD has let me embrace HIM AND HIS WORD. not the embrace of needing ‘white’ approval. and HE guided me through it by learning (of) HIM. if any person (truly) desires to want to get to (know) the ‘ONLY TRUE GOD&SAVIOR’, HE will open their eyes to HIMSELF. i’m living proof. blacks put whites on a pedestal ABOVE the TRIUNE GOD. that is (straight up) IDOLATRY. and that is a one-way ticket to Hell.

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