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Pass The Mic: Conrad Mbewe


Phillip sits down with Pastor Conrad Mbewe of Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka, Zambia at the 25th Zambia Annual Reformed Conference to discuss his personal testimony, the history of the reformed movement in Zambia, and the importance of international missions.

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  1. Guy

    I agree with pastor Conrad on the reformed movement emphasis on “sola scriptura” but I hope that the reformed theology is not just a reaction to the uncontrolled charismatic movement in Africa. I am a native of the DRC but live in the US, and I have heard seen and heard in both African churches in the US and churches in sub-Saharan how they devastate and abuse believers. But don’t exclude the work of the Holy Spirit just because of excesses in charismatic circles(I am guilty of this too).
    I also have to disagree with his stance on music. I, too, like to be engaged intellectually and I have also participated in both worship settings. You can recite or sing the words without being engaged and not all African worship songs compels you to dance (even wildly). Besides, you can always create your own worship songs with more meaningful and inspired content.

    I have to say, though, that I will seek to listen to his sermons especially the ones that deals with counterfeit spirits.

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