2 thoughts on “Pass The Mic Live: Charleston Shooting

  1. Barbara Willsher

    This has been a week of profound ups and downs. I was so gratified to read what happened at the PCA GA, especially since there seemed to have been a real move of the Holy Spirit. Then, the naysayers came out of the woodwork and I began to be troubled.

    Then, a website published (without comment so I’m not sure what the point was) first a 2002 GA statement on race, then a 1966 statement on race from the RPCES. It seemed to me that we white RPCES/ PCA people (I’m 67 and have been in this church since 1979) have been thinking/talking about race for some time…50 years?

    Our thinking is straight, and our talking is good as far as it goes. But, as the mother of two African American children, I see our attitude as indifferent. We simply excuse ourselves and pass quietly by on the other side because we believe rightly. Saying so in response to the articles I mentioned got me a face full of rage from others. Ouch!

    I feel as though all the deciding at GA hasn’t resulted in teaching in the church. In fact, I can’t remember ever hearing a sermon either on the topic of race or racial reconciliation. If repentance isn’t preached, how in the world are the people in the pew supposed to know they’re in need of it?

    That sounds like it doesn’t have anything to do with Charleston. But, somehow it does. And with Ferguson and Baltimore and all the rest.
    It matters to God very much, I think, how we treat others and especially those who are poor, weak and disenfranchised. When we marginalize those people and close our ears to their cries for justice, and excuse ourselves because Oprah is rich and Obama is President, then this is where we end up.

    If God’s church fails in this hour to love mercy and do justice we betray that we are not walking humbly with him. And, if those of us of the Reformed faith, who say doctrine informs all of life, don’t lead we will be trodden underfoot.

  2. Arline Erven

    I tweeted Mr. Thabiti and emailed Mrs. Newbell. (I live in Reformed World, also. Can you tell?)

    My desperate question is this: what on earth do we do?! My husband and I are so brokenhearted and frustrated and angry about all the racism and oppression. But we have no idea what to do or where to get involved.

    We love Jesus. We’re white, and we’re pretty ordinary people. But we want to fight. We want to be in the battle. We don’t want people made in God’s image to continue to be murdered while the church (the white folks, especially!) sit around waiting for Jesus to return. (Forgive my tone. I am so upset about Charleston and the media’s response.)

    So please, if you have any ideas for us, share them. We don’t want to get involved with organizations that are popping up but ignore the imago Dei and the gospel’s voice in all this. We want to fight alongside believers who know that we must preach the gospel and fight system oppression.

    Thank you for the podcast and all that you do. I have learned so much in the past year from Pass the Mic and RAAN articles.

    Arline Erven
    Lake City, FL

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