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Pass the Mic’s New iTunes Feed and What That Means For You

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On December 3rd, 2013, the first episode of Pass the Mic streamed live. In the 5 years of broadcasting and being a voice for many, Pass the Mic has covered topics ranging from race and church life, to film reviews and cultural hot takes. Our guests have included Bree Newsome, Bryan Stevenson, Austin Channing, Earon James, and others who have challenged the hearts and sharpened the minds of our hosts and audience. Among our top listened to episodes are: “Confronting Misogynoir,” “A Quiet Exodus,” and “Can I Get A Witness?”

With 105 current patreons and 760k+ downloads this past year, it is no wonder that we would become a target. A person red-flagged our content and iTunes consequently removed Pass the Mic. They would no longer accept our feed. Through months of restructuring by Beau York, our amazing producer, and friends, we are now back up and running on iTunes (and now Spotify)!

This is Where You Come In

First things first, head over to iTunes and (re)subscribe! Rate us then write a review. Even if you did so in the past, do it again! We lost all the reviews and are starting from scratch. While you’re there, don’t forget to download the newest PTM episode: On “Social Justice and the Gospel” Part 2!

pass the mic


This apparent cyber attack on our podcast represents an attempt to silence us. We will not be silenced. As long as issues of race and justice continue to impact people in the church and beyond, we will present a prophetic challenge to an unjust status quo and advocate for reform. We will continue to address the core concerns of black people from a biblical perspective and ensure that the perspectives of the marginalized gain a hearing in the broader public sphere. We are not the voice of all black Christians; we are a microphone for the collective. As long as we are able, in spite of apparent wicked and cowardly cyber attacks, we will continue to “pass the mic.”


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