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We Persevere (Round-Up 9)



AUSTRALIA: According to a 2014 study by the non-partisan Pew Research Centre, Christians are the most persecuted minority in the world. Christians were persecuted and harassed by government or the general society in 108 countries, an increase of 102 from the year before. However, there’s very little open discussion of the systematic persecution of Christians. Why is this, and what can we do about it? Read more…

CHINA: Yu Jie, a best-selling Chinese author and one of the foremost critics of the China’s leadership, recently contended in an op-ed published in First Things that “a growing faith in Christ, strengthened by the bonds of fellowship in church life, is breathing new life into my country.” Despite rampant persecution carried out against Christians by China’s Communist leaders, Yu Jie argues that Christianity – not Confucianism, Communism, or Atheism – is the country’s future. Read More…

I WANT TO HELP: The Swiss organization International Christian Response (ICR) is on the ground in 38 countries, empowering local indigenous leadership to plant Protestant churches in places where Western missionaries can’t go. For 45 years, ICR has helped local leaders thrive in some of the most difficult circumstances – from North Korea, China, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Turkey, to the Middle East and beyond. A gift of $30 can train one leader in a house church movement in sensitive Middle Eastern Regions, but any amount will go a long way. When you give, note that you read about ICR at RAANetwork. Go here to help.


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