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Press Release: Pass The Mic: Dynamic Voices, Diverse Church

Tyler Burns

As we continue to address the core concerns of African Americans, the Reformed African American Network has created a helpful worldview primer for a digital generation. And it’s in the form of a high-quality audio podcast appropriately named “Pass the Mic.”

By interviewing key leaders in the Reformed community, addressing relevant topics and biblically handling controversial issues, Pass the Mic is a unique and useful audio guide to living a gospel-centered life.

At the beginning of 2014, Podastery founder and sound guru, Beau York, joined the team as Executive Producer of the Pass the Mic podcast. York brings immense technical expertise in audio and creative elements in efforts to “put flesh on the bones” of the sturdy Pass The Mic skeleton. He explains the podcast’s title by saying, “The idea is that RAAN is the platform and we’re ‘passing the mic’ around to discuss these issues.”

Spearheaded by hosts and RAAN founders Jemar Tisby and Phillip Holmes, the podcast has enjoyed a healthy and professional inception. Concerning the podcast, Tisby adds:

Almost on a daily basis I’m having conversations with people whether it’s on the phone, email, [or] in person that are like “this stuff is brilliant!” Whether the topic is reformed theology and African Americans or contextualization or culture, I want the podcast to be our way to let people in on some of those conversations.

In the pilot episode, the visionary duos interviewed one of the most sought-after voices contributing to the continuing discussion of sound theology in the midst of the black church experience – Pastor H.B. Charles, Jr., lead pastor of the Shiloh Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida. With a strikingly accessible tone, he divulged an autobiographical account of his redemption, detailed the development of his powerful preaching pedigree and dispensed hidden gems of wisdom from his extensive experience in the pastorate. Pastor Charles’ winsome delivery of biblical truth and loving critiques of black church generalizations will likely cause many church leaders to continually reference this “Pass the Mic” episode.

With the assistance of voices like his, we are hopeful that the podcast will kindle new streams of dialogue related to the African American church and reformed theology.

Listeners can enjoy every podcast episode on various audio formats, including iTunes, Stitcher and Soundcloud.

Officially founded in 2012, the RAANetwork has gained acclaim from numerous respected voices in Reformed circles, including Pastor Voddie Baucham, Dr. John Piper, writer Justin Taylor, The Gospel Coalition, Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile and many more. Utilizing a diverse staff of volunteers and aspiring, passionate writers, the website has drawn attention for fearlessly addressing racial and theological topics that are often overlooked in the American church. With a consistent flow of quality web content, unique videos and the newly added Pass the Mic podcast, RAAN is accomplishing its mission of both glorifying God, addressing concerns and offering perspective.

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