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PTM: “He Saw That It Was Good” with Sho Baraka

The Witness

 In this episode, Tyler and Jemar are joined by artist, creative, and writer Sho Baraka! Sho just released He Saw That It Was Good, a collection of essays on the topics of work and creation. The conversation begins by discussing this book and how important it is for this moment. 

But…the dialogue took a turn. The trio talked about Black organizational unity, Black men in leadership, Sho’s history within Christian Hip Hop, the future of tearing down/building up, and much more. This is a vulnerable, prophetic conversation and we hope our audience is as moved by it as we were.  

Purchase Sho’s book here or wherever books are sold!,years%E2%80%94now%20this%20book%20gives%20the%20world%20that%20influence.%E2%80%9D%E2%80%94Lecrae.