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Q&A about Race, Religion, Education, and Culture from the RAANetwork

Jemar Tisby

On June 19 (Juneteenth!) Jemar Tisby, president and co-founder of the RAANetwork, conducted his first-ever #TisbyTakeover. Tisby took over the RAAN Twitter account for an hour to answer questions about race, religion, education, and culture.

The event was a success in every way. Followers asked insightful questions and the exchanges exposed to people to the ministry. Stay tuned for the next…Tisby Takeover.

Below are some highlights from the question and answer session in the form of a “Twitter Moment.” Click the picture below for more information or simply search the hashtag #TisbyTakeover.

Click the logo for #TisbyTakeover highlights.

Some Q&A from the #TisbyTakeover

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