Revisiting the Theology of the Negro Spiritual

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  1. Raemon Polk says:

    [Correction] all-powerful, all-knowing and all-loving

  2. Raemon Polk says:

    If we understand God to be all-powerful, all-knowing, all-knowing and … ultimately, fair … it is very difficult to explain why an innocent child still starves every 7 seconds in the 21st century., why hundreds of thousands of innocents perish in tsunamis, why the sinful are saved from floods while innocents die. To give up and conclude the matter of innocent and indiscriminate suffering is just beyond our ability to understand is inauthentic. That simply calls into question God’s ability to build adequately understanding human brains. We are made in His image, after all.

  3. george canady says:

    As a Reformed Baptist, I once became frustrated with some in my church in their hateful attitudes toward minorities on display in the Sunday School hour discussions, in white group socials and the leadership at Founders Baptist Church in Spring refusal to do anything substantively about it.

    So I joined an all black Missionary Baptist Church in Tamina, Texas. I remember a song I learned there: Brighter Day Ahead. I still have found memories of the music at that Church.

    I remember Deacon James Leveston telling me that when a person is silenced and punished all day long by an oppressor for any emotional display, one tends to learn to weep loud and shout and dance for Joy in the only safe freedom one knows; the Church. That helped explain a little of the history of what I experienced at that Church.

    I love and miss worshiping with my friends there.

  4. Angela says:

    Excellent article…..I like what you wrote suffering with hope…They were not allowed to read or write but they had a deep understanding of who God is….Jesus the Christ and the Holy Spirit…………………

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