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Roundtable: Why We Love The Black Church


Jemar & Phillip are joined by Cameron Triggs as they discuss the impact of the black church. Join them!

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2 thoughts on “Roundtable: Why We Love The Black Church

  1. A Selah

    Beautiful honesty! Another reason why i love RAAN!…all the way from London 🙂
    So my experience so far seems to echo a lot of what Philip went through and I’m glad I have listened to this as I feel I’ve been halted in my tracks!! I’m currently in a black majority church which is quite charismatic. As I have listened to more reformed theologians and have been positively encouraged to search the scriptures for myself, I have found a lot of error in what I see in my church (as well as a lot of good and truth).
    My struggle and question is, when and how did u know it was time to leave these churches? (it sounds like u all left) And did the differences in theology ever make you feel like it was too hard for you to stay?

  2. Peace Kearse

    Great dialogue !

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