Pass the Mic

The Black Barbershop (PTM 213)

Abigail Murrish

Jemar and Tyler are back for a fun discussion all about the black barbershop. This sometimes hilarious conversation is all about the cultural care of black men’s hair and what it means for black dignity. Tune in as the guys discuss:

  • Why the barbershop is so important to the black community;
  • Why exterior appearance is important in the black community;
  • Their personal hair journeys; and,
  • Some funny (and awkward) barbershop stories.



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Show Hosts: Jemar Tisby + Tyler Burns • Producer: Beau York + Podastery Studios • Pass The Mic: Website + Twitter  • The Witness: Website + Twitter

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  1. Brian

    I’m not getting the shows on the Apple podcast app: Are the shows still going there? The last one I have is July 2nd.

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