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What the Church Can Learn from Taking Down Confederate Monuments

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  1. NCPhilly says:

    To quote Jemar Tisby in his article regarding the vandalism of the erasing of the Emmett Till marker: “How much rich history have we missed by attempting to erase a past we should learn from but not repeat?”

  2. MikeD says:

    While the circumstances of, let’s say, George Washington’s life and interaction with slaves is different than that of Lee, the basic logic of your argument seems to imply that statues of him should come down also. Heck, given the current climate of things, it seems inevitable. It’s a bummer to me that Christian men like yourselves will be partly responsible for such thinking.

  3. Billy Smith says:

    Lol. Jemar trying to make white people feel bad while posting unbiblical diatribes on the Reformed ***African American*** Network?

    No thanks Jemar.

  4. Josh Austin says:

    Brother, thank you for expressing your thoughtful, gracious exhortation. As a Christian man and a white southerner, I am served well by hearing your thoughts, and the clear, but humble tone in which you express them. I will endeavor to join in the process, long and opposed as will be, for the sake Christ’s sake and for love’s sake.

  5. Gary says:

    Will Jemar call for the taking down of this idol?:

  6. Joe Sixpack says:

    How are these monuments at all related to “racial reconciliation”?

    1. Gary says:

      The taking down of these monuments has nothing at all to do with “racial reconciliation” (whatever that means). Robert E. Lee himself was actually a devout Christian, and Jemar knows this yet nowhere mentions it.

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