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(Bonus) Pass The Mic: Charlottesville

Beau York

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Tyler and Jemar discuss the white supremacist rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia and the need to consistently and explicitly confront the everyday racism that permeates the church and society.

2 thoughts on “(Bonus) Pass The Mic: Charlottesville

  1. J. K. Jones

    I listened to your podcast, and I appreciate your passion and your efforts. The podcast discusses the idea that African Americans who are Christians should not accept generalities and platitudes from their white Christian brothers that fall short of specifics. I would like to hold you to that.

    I grew up where I live now. At my high school, out of about 600 students, there was one African American. The high school mascot was The Rebel, and The Confederate Battle Flag was always displayed prominently at our school. The removal of the flag from this local high school has been a painstaking process, but I have supported that removal with several of my old high school friends.

    I know of no African American person that lives in my home town. That is by design of past generations. I know of no African American church member of any church in our town. Again, that is by design. I am not sure how to change these situations, but I am open to try anything.

    I am an ordained Ruling Elder in the PCA, but I am not serving at my home church at this point. I am trying to monitor the ideas for racial reconciliation that are coming out of the PCA. I am told there will be specifics.

    I have looked over The Bookshelf at The Reformed African American Network’s web site, and purchased two books for my Kindle. I picked the books that looked like they would help me to best understand more of African American culture. I will read them and more as time and finances allow.

    I have read several articles on The Reformed African American web site, and I have used my Feedly account to follow several of the blogs suggested on that site. I am trying to follow the advice given to help end white supremacy in all its forms.
    I welcome your specific criticism of my politics, my social action, and my rhetoric. I need that criticism.

    I am not finding specifics on my politics so far. I don’t know what specific things to hold the current administration accountable for, and I need specifics to make my thoughts known in an effective manner.

    I have attempted discussion of these matters on Facebook only to find myself blocked or deleted or told to Google the specifics on my own. That is going to take a long time, and I hope you are willing to wait on my support until that process is complete.

    Please help this recovering southern, red-neck, white boy to overcome my ignorance. I desperately want and need specific criticism and examples. I am afraid “Go do a Google search.” doesn’t provide timely help.

    Thanks for all you are doing. I promise to do all I can.

  2. Elyse Fitzpatrick

    We’d like to interview you on our podcast, “Front Porch with the Fitzes.” It’s a silly thing tho we do talk deep theology and would love to have any of you on. My son, Joel Fitzpatrick, is a PCA pastor here in SoCal. Let us know if you have the interest/bandwidth for this…Thanks. In any case, keep up the good work.

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