5 thoughts on “Book Review: Unashamed by Lecrae

  1. Eli Mac

    I ain’t saying drop the Jesus an be a rap star….

  2. Micah

    Ehhh I think the physical and mental abuse he endured as a child was from his mother’s boyfriend specifically. Even though lecrae does later mention his stepfather in his autobiography, I think those were two entirely different people.

  3. Leroytrier

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  4. Pascoal Mbimbi

    I liked the page so much!

  5. Kennon Wigley

    Thank you for this excellent review, Jemar. I was also impressed by the transparency of Lecrae’s testimony, especially his honesty about his failings after his conversion. I believe that we frequently present our lives as near perfect, even in the midst of our failures and shortcomings. We are all a work in progress and continue to need grace.

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