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How To Be a Radical Sender

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  1. george canady says:

    It seems ironic that some of the same people who would send a missionary, wife, children and stuff to a far away dangerous place, and then would abandon their own inner city neighborhood and school in retreat to save from danger themselves, their wife, their children and their stuff, turning that place right back over to the satan that they are trying to save others from.

    1. Jemar says:

      Interesting point, George. Considering international missions at the Cross Conference encouraged me to think about the places domestically where the gospel has not taken hold. Such thought have emboldened me overall. If I’m willing to go to a foreign land to proclaim Christ, how much more, then, should I be willing to proclaim Christ right where I am! Thanks for reading.

      1. george canady says:

        Thanks Jemar for taking your time to respond. I would like to suggest it might take a generation of people who are willing to give up that “lake house” and trust a sovereign God for the safety of the wife and kids to go on mission right here in our country. Let the Reformed be convicted to earn back the trust of the people we have abandon by asking for forgiveness for leaving and go back to the neighborhoods and schools and love our neighbors in this way. I would think this would take a sacrifice of those who have the means to remain “safe”. I plead with those that can, don’t just support this, do this.

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