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I Pledge Allegiance to My Blackness

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  1. Diana Weir says:

    We should not pledge our allegiance to race or a political party. I just heard someone say faith should inform our politics, but politics should not be our faith as it has become to many.

  2. J says:

    great article…
    it is so needed right now

  3. Onegrace says:

    Preach this truth! I know this article is older but it’s still so relevant…especially right now.

  4. Darlene Estes says:

    Thank u so much! I do not vote, not vote, approve, not approve or any such things according to color! I saw African Americans stand, yell, applaud when OJ Simpson was voted not guilty. (Everyone knew he was guilty). I personally was happy to see Scott Peterson found guilty (white man) of killing his pregnant wife. ( all knew he was guilty). No one should be held guiltless because of his race. We r all judged on our life before Christ! Our hearts all are deceiving!!! But God knows our motives and we will be judged on that! Not promoting a race but Christ and His commands

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