Jesus is King of the Universe

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  1. Kathleen McH says:

    Um, I don’t know where you got the notion of “landslide” (Fox News no doubt), but at current count, Trump is way behind Hillary who has 1.5 million more votes over him. And with much of the California numbers still coming in, her lead is virtually certain to increase.

    I’d recommend you tune into a more reliable news source.

  2. Jim May says:

    “Trump won the presidency by an enormous landslide.” I should think when one loses the popular vote by close to a half million votes it would be difficult to reference an enormous landslide. I feel a mystery has been gifted on the people-maybe a paradox of a “rigged election” or a parable to be challenge understanding and faith.

  3. Karen Gonzalez says:

    Dr. Jarvis, I really respect your work, but I must respectfully disagree with the entire tone of your post. First, we did not interpret Trump’s remarks as bigoted and racist–he in fact said bigoted, racist, misogynist, and Islamophobic things. Secondly, surely you know that Christ has always been king. He was before creation. And yet under his kingdom there has been genocide of native Americans, the Holocaust, the enslavement of Africans and their descendants int he US, Jim Crow, mass incarceration, the Chinese Exclusion Act, and I could go on. So we people of color, immigrants, and Muslims have much to fear if our white siblings don’t stand up and stand with us. Just because we’re resilient doesn’t mean we want pain and suffering.

    1. g says:

      Hi Karen. “Just because we’re resilient doesn’t mean we want pain and suffering.” This struck me. I want the church to stand against injustice too. I agree with Dr. Williams, and probably you, that justice is a crucial component in a complete gospel message.

      So I am no one to begin to understand or judge your degree of pain and suffering because of the lack of justice. But in my own pain I ask: what if pain and suffering is normal, good and necessary like James chapter 1 says? And what if God were going to discipline those church leaders who deal in partiality as declared in James chapter 2? What if I could flourish in the painful suffering of the Christians I read about in scripture and church history?

      Preaching these truths to myself gives me hope at this time even while I cry out in pain and suffering with you. Perhaps we can be a witness now more than ever because we know that God has not made a mistake according to Romans chapter 13.

      I personally think a majority of the church has been fooled, “even the elect if it were possible”. Even so, the King as Dr. Williams describes Him, should allow me to have a sure hope regardless of how I am treated.

      I preach this to myself first and I ask you to consider it too. Maybe this is your time to shine a light of grace under pressure. You probably can be used by God more than ever now. I want your best. Your brother in Christ. Praying for us now.

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