Processing Donald Trump With Jemar Tisby

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  1. Concerned says:

    So would you be rejoicing if pro-death (abortion) Hillary Clinton would have won the election? Blindly judging the brothers and sister that are members of your local body of believers based upon assumptions of who they voted for seems extremely unbiblical to me. Are you planning to address Dr. White’s concerns with this podcast?

  2. Mr. My-job-requires-anonimity-on-political-things says:

    When I said above, “yes, I know he’s a Mormon. I see no scriptural prohibition against that”, I meant scriptural prohibition against me VOTING for him–not that there is no scriptural prohibition against being a Mormon. I meant in a common grace sense that God gives all people gifts (rain comes down on the evil and the good–Matt 5:45) whether they are believers or not. Non-believevers can be gifted with political and leadership skills, just like they can be good farmers, architects, etc. (See 2 Chron. 2:7)

    I know you guys know all this but just wanted to clarify.

  3. Mr. My-job-requires-anonimity-on-political-things says:

    Love you guys and love PTM. There are a lot of good things in there and I think Jamar is right that there needs to be a time for lamentation and reflection. But, as you do that, or when you are done, please do your Christian brothers and sisters who voted differently the courtesy of assigning them charitable motives. (For the record, I do NOT vote for Trump for reasons you said and many more. I wrote in Evan McMullin who, by the way, had racial reconciliation within the GOP as part of his platform. (He may go a little further than I would here, but you can tell he’s a very different candidate). (Also, yes, I know he’s a Mormon. I see no scriptural prohibition against that.)

    Ernie Johnson from the NBA talk show illustrates my view post-election better than I could. You probably have seen it, but if not–watch it–just two minutes plus. WOW. just. WOW. EJ expresses my view and actions to a T (except I wrote in McMullin instead if Kasich)

    Love you brothers and praying for you guys.

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