Same Rebel, New Level: Lecrae’s Departure from Evangelicalism

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  1. Carlos says:

    Ameen, I need to submit a correction to your article. You stated that, “The Pew research poll states 76% of whites in the United States identify as Protestant evangelical Christians while only 6% of black people and 11% of Latinos identify as the same.” According to the link that you provided, that is not true at all. If you go back to the chart, you will see that according to the sample size of 8,479 people who claim to be Evangelical Protestant, 76% are white and 6% are black. That’s a big difference from what you stated in your article. Please correct this because what you stated is very misleading.

    Grace and Peace to you.

    1. Ameen Hudson says:

      Thank you for your reply. I posted the wrong link originally (It was a link to other statistical research that I looked in to). The link has since been corrected and you can now go an view the statistics.


      Grace and Peace.

      1. Ameen: I was also concerned about those Pew numbers…..but, what I want to ask is your permission to reprint your essay in Christian Ethics Today, a quarterly journal. Please contact me at

        Patrick Anderson

      2. Carlos says:

        Hello Ameen, thank you for your reply. I just checked out the link and it is still the same one that I viewed before. Perhaps it is a failure on my part to explain it correctly but my previous comment still stands.

        Look back at the link that you provided and what you wrote in your article. It isn’t that 76% of all whites are Protestant evangelical Christians. The chart states that of all Christians who identify as Protestant evangelical, 76% are white, 11% are Latino and 6% are black. It’s easy to verify by looking at, for example, Muslims. The chart states that of all Muslims, 38% are white and 28% are black. Now, let’s take a look at Jehovah Witness. It says that of all JWs, 36% are white and 27% are black. Finally, let’s add up the percentages of all of the statistics for whites mentioned here. It adds up to 150% which is statistically impossible if you are talking a percentage of the population. I hope that this makes it clear now. If not, I can give it another try later.

        Grace & Peace to you fam.

  2. Michæl says:

    The stats quoted in this article don’t sound right at all, and the provided link doesn’t support them.

    According to this Pew poll, 29% of whites and 14% of blacks identify as “evangelical Protestant”. (53% of blacks identify as “historically black Protestant”, whatever that means).

    1. Ameen Hudson says:

      The original link was the wrong one, I have corrected it. The stats I gave was based on those who labeled themselves “Evangelical Protestant” not “Historically Black Protestant” since the article was about Lecrae’s departure from “Evangelicalism.”

      1. Michæl says:

        Your stat is still wrong though. You’re reading the data backwards. The Pew poll doesn’t say that 76% of whites are Protestant… it says that 76% of Protestants are white. (Makes sense, seeing as 76% of the general population is white.)

        Likewise, it’s not that 6% of blacks are Protestant. It’s that 6% of Protestants are black.

  3. Peter Hamm says:

    White guy here… and big fan… GO GET ‘EM BROTHER!

    1. Todd says:

      Love it and agree. Excellently written article. Thx

  4. Shane Waller says:

    Don’t understand division when through Christ we are together. Trying to start a new worldly way to worship or share the gospel is not biblical, I do not agree. Praying that unity csn be brought foward more than division.

    1. Mike says:

      Denying division that already exists is no way to bring unity. Black folks live a life of the division that has been thrust upon them. We as white folks have the privilege of being unaware of this division.

      We must stop chastising black people and other civil rights activists for acknowledging and addressing racial division that already exists.

  5. MARK says:

    It doesn’t sound like a “departure” – he sounds more like the reformers from a social perspective. To reform from within.

  6. Emmanuel Lane says:

    “Lecrae’s divorce from evangelicalism” is this true? I would think it as Lecrae has a broad view of evangelicalism that is inclusive of people of color. If we say he has moved away from evangelicalism aren’t we suggesting that he no longer affirms the gospel? At the center of evangelicalism is the gospel.

    1. Todd says:

      I hear you. Think it all depends on how you define evangelicalism. It means a lot of different things to people these days. Originally, the term was married to the gospel, but I think the author is using it to describe predominantly white cultural Chirstianity, or Churchianity as I often call it….

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am new to following The Witness and appreciate this articles clarity as I have followed Lecrae for a while now. I really want to learn more about these issues. If someone could help me with a simple question that would be great. Where can I find information on current instances of systemic/institutionalised racism, implicit biases leading to racism, and how colonial evangelicalism is implemented today – from a christian perspective to better understand the problem?

    1. Me says:

      Divided by faith by emmerson

      1. Anonymous says:

        Sorry I wasn’t clear. Looking for specific examples used today.

  8. RANDY WIMBLEY says:

    FANTASTIC piece Bro. Ameen.


    Very well done,,,.major indictment of white evangelicalism.

  10. Timothy says:

    I absolutely adore this album. I have listened to it nearly every day since its release, which I pre-ordered.
    I LOVE this gospel. The one that encompasses all of reality and a person’s whole life.

    It’s not the gospel I heard growing up as a white kid – it’s so much better.

    Lecrae is using the gifts God has given him in the exact way he is supposed to be. Using hip-hop’s prophetic roots for sharpening ALL Christians to be more like Jesus, facing injustices with bold claims based on God’s standard and his Word, and like Job or the Psalmists, putting beautiful, artful words to both his praise and his laments.

    In front of a world watching, evaluating God’s character and holding the claims of the gospel at arms length. Looking not only for hope, but for beauty, truth, and justice, Lecrae is sparing no artistic expense.

    This is what full-throated evangelism and dedication to God’s standard really looks like. There are few doing it better!

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