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Pass The Mic: MLK’s Legacy with Dr. Mika Edmondson

Beau York

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Jemar and Tyler are joined by Pastor for New City Fellowship OPC – Grand Rapids MI, Dr. Mika Edmondson to discuss the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Here are some quotes from this interview:

A lot of times, I’ll see scholarships studying the civil rights movement, or civil rights leaders through the ages who are so very often Christian, and yet that fact is sort of a marginal or a supplemental aspect of their greater work.
Dr. Mika:
In some ways, King’s letter from Birmingham Prison is a kind of prison epistle. It shows that the Civil Rights Movement was not just a conversation between African-American community to a broader American society, but it was an intra-church conversation…that this was an issue that impacted Christians.
The question of Theodicy is central to the black church and the black experience in America. The question of given the omnipotence of God, that God is all powerful…and the omnibenevolence of God, that God is all good, how is that I find myself in the situation of suffering? 
Because being all powerful, God can do something about it, and being all good, certainly God does not like the suffering that I am going through. So why do I find myself in this situation?

And Blacks have wrestled with this question since we’ve been on American soil. From the bellies of slave ships, and on southern cotton fields…

Blacks have always wrestled with that fundamental question of what we call the problem of evil.
And yet, the amazing thing is that they have consistently come out with hopeful answers.

The Black church is an absolute miracle; it’s a great testimony to the keeping power of King Jesus.

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