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Pass The Mic: What we not finna do is…

Beau York

Jemar and Tyler are back! On this episode, we give you 10 things we “not finna do” in 2018. Our desire is to set the tone for 2018 by establishing a few healthy ground rules. Some of these are humorous, and some are serious, but we hope you can laugh with us and relate through all of them. Happy New Year!

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2 thoughts on “Pass The Mic: What we not finna do is…

  1. Lisa

    yall mentioned a woman speaker/teacher than everyone should have. What was her name? not Edmonson but another one. Lisa Snead

  2. Toviyah

    Give me a promise that no major race-related event will occur in this nation over the next twelve months. And then I’ll believe that nothing will cause you to enter into an online debate about race for this entire year. I might even consider you as a write-in candidate for the 2018 elections :-).

    Toviyah (it’s Hebrew for “The goodness of God”)

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