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PTM: Permission to Be Black with A.D. Thomason

The Witness

As we begin Black History Month, we are releasing a special interview about our willingness to be ourselves regardless of what society says. Our guest today is writer, activist, and speaker A.D. Thomason. A.D. is on to speak about his new book Permission to Be Black. 

AD is a three time award winning filmmaker and Co-founder of 3Strandfilms (read and view films here NOTOFTHEM.COM). Adam is an adjunct professor at Kilns College where he teaches on the History of Human rights and justice, De-colonizing your faith, filmmaking and more.

He’s with us today to speak about his new book: Permission to Be Black: My Journey with Jay-Z and Jesus. 

“Throughout American history, Black people were not given the freedom to acknowledge their suffering. A. D. Thomason believes that the Holy Spirit brings freedom and liberation as we’re able to name our pain, recognize its roots in history and society, and seek healing.

While many saw a confident, six-foot-five Black man, A. D. “Lumkile” Thomason lived most of his life in fear and anguish, deeply wounded by encounters with violence, abandonment, and family tragedy. 

A. D. uses his artistry as a poet and storyteller to share how he confessed his internalized pain and embraced the liberating joy of Christ. He writes for millennials, emerging adults, and anyone else who’s ready to acknowledge the reality of racial trauma and our need to confront it. His powerful story gives you permission to be Black, to be Christian, and to be the person God has made you to be.”

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