2 thoughts on “Restaurants, Protests, and “Civility” with Aadam Keeley (PTM 210)

  1. Tom M.

    I’d not heard about the San Francisco Peppermint Patty case until I listened to your podcast. As you told the story it seemed more like an issue of a snobby self-entitled liberal pot seller trying to intimidate a child rather than a racial incident. The woman was white and the girl was black, but that doesn’t automatically mean it was racially motivated. As a Christian we should be willing to withhold judgement. I don’t defend the woman’s behavior, but to inject a racial motive is not a charitable stance. There are enough incidents of real racism that we don’t have to interject racial bias when none is evident.

    I read two online stories about the event and the racial issues were injected into the story with no evidence that it was racially motivated. It was assumed to be racial because the woman was white. Is that a subtle form of racism? Automatically imputing a negative motive (heart attitude) violates the law of love in how we are to treat others, even if their behavior is selfish.

  2. Ben P

    I think there is a real danger to agreeing it’s a good idea for a business owner to ask someone to leave because of their job. It’s one thing for customers to harass someone, but another for the manager to tell them to leave. What’s to stop this same thing from happening to pastors or just Christians in general. Following the same logic, I could walk into a restaurant with a “Jesus is my Bro” shirt and get kicked out because of it if the management doesn’t agree with the Christian view of homosexuality.

    I love everything else on this podcast though!

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