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A Better Statement on Christianity and Justice: The Chicago Declaration of Evangelical Social Concern

Jemar Tisby

A recent statement entitled “The Gospel and Social Justice” has deservedly garnered much attention and opposition. For those who found the new statement wanting, then another declaration on Christians and justice, written forty-five years ago, may offer a better perspective. In November 1973, a group of evangelicals gathered in Chicago to compose a documenting asserting […]

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“Show up. Dive in. Stay at it.”–Reflections on President Obama’s Farewell Speech

Jemar Tisby

NOTE: The following is not an endorsement of all of President Obama’s policies nor an endorsement of the Democratic party. The intention is to reflect on the content of a single speech as it impacted a single writer. On January 10, 2017, President Obama delivered his formal farewell speech to end his eight year term. The […]

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The Witness

Black Lives and the ‘Perfect Victim’ Illusion

John Richards

Fact-Checking Before Lamenting We don’t really know all the facts. Those are the words we utter before the cultural fact-finding mission begins. Google serves as our personal private investigator. We make sure our imaginary jurors’ badges are snug against our bodies. Our eyes dart back and forth across the screen reading articles, looking to explain violence against black bodies. […]

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Where Do We Go from Ferguson?: Race Relations in America A Year after Mike Brown’s Death

Jarvis Williams

Sunday August 9, 2015 marks one year since white former police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. This shooting resulted in weeks of organized, disorganized, and sometimes violent protests, while also igniting a much needed dialogue about race and race relations in the U.S. Since Brown’s death, numerous […]

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