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Why We Are Not Post Racial

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  1. Jeff Nash says:

    While I am certain some of the “segregation” found in many churches is racially based; my experience has been that it is more often a matter of worship style. There are significant differences in the typical black church service and in the typical white service. Musically, preaching style and length of service. There are certainly some mega churches that are more diverse, but the majority of our churches are small churches with distinct worship styles. I believe among most Protestant churches, style is the greater divide on Sundays at 11:00; not race.

    1. Tyshan Broden says:

      I completely agree

  2. bkelile says:

    If there was one thing I could change about how people view civil rights it would be to impress upon them that it has a long history and includes a diverse group of people. I think we are taught to think of the Civil Rights movement as mainly the work of MLK and a few other people in the 50s and 60s. It involved people who had conflicting ideas about how to advance the cause and the condition of blacks in America. It also stretches back centuries.

  3. george canady says:

    Jemar, I wanted to tell you about a small but significant victory for my wife and I. For some years I have been trying to develop a relationship with my wife’s step dad. We have had some gains and failures but I have not been rude to him yet, unlike many, I have confronted over race unfortunately. He is a tough guy; Vietnam vet early 60’s and late 60’s, drill sergeant 70’s, ROTC Sam Houston State early 80’s, horseback Prison guard Huntsville state prison 87-97, retired agent orange disabled. This guy eats nails for breakfast. He would like that description. I love and respect him and I think he knows it. He is a closed walking history book that I want to read. But two weeks ago my heart sank low. After several discussions about it, I felt I had no choice but to write a note to my in-laws about using the “n” word and naming no other persons by color other than dark skinned people. I was firm and loving and prayerful, I think. This has lead to many relationship failures for me because of my anger. I prayed this would not end this long work we have done. We got a call last Friday from them and my wife brought up the letter to her mother. The discussion ended with agreement to respect our convictions without agreeing with them. I am OK with that as I hope to be used by God to win him to Christ and perhaps change his heart in submission to Him instead of compliance to me. One person at a time….right? Firm, but with love….Right? By the way, we watched “The Central Park Five” PBS Ken, Sara Burns and her husband. Good stuff. 1989 “wilding” case still going on.

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