9 Ways to Move Away From Privilege

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  1. Kara says:

    Thank you for great ideas and a challenges!

  2. Peter A says:

    Brandon, good to hear from you, brother. A few thoughts though: where’s your evidence that systemic racism exists? I’m not talking about people who are racist. Of course there are racist individuals, but where’s your evidence there is such a thing as “systemic racism.” Please show me a school, university, or current place of employment that has a policy that says, “If you’re a minority, you’re not allowed.” If anything, Afirmative Action has had a drastic effect on middle class white men, than minority’s. The other thing is that by stating white privilege, you create a dicothmy much more in line with Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the new left, more so than the thinking of MLK. MLK never wanted to divide things into “black” vs “white” dicotomies. Rather, he wanted us to see how “all men are created equal, regardless of race.” How do you create a distinction to what you’re saying to the current victimization mentality of the current identity politic? Finally, have you engaged with people like Ben Shapiro or Larry Elder who’ve done, in my opinion, a masterful job destroying the concept of a “white priveledge.” I’d love your thoughts on how they challenge this concept.


  3. Great addition George! Public rebuke too often gets bad press these days, but you’re spot on in naming it as a bible-informed (and commanded) tactic for confronting sin. It’s always heartening to see church and/or denominational leaders step up and call out the sin of racism in their local and global believing bodies. Keep striving for unity brother and thanks for the feedback!

  4. George Canady says:

    Hello Branden,
    I am grateful for your recognition of our advantage in the American white Church.

    Suggestions like these from young men are encouraging to some who have been practicing them in the Church for some decades.

    I assume If any endure a long journey down this path that you have laid out they will find it dark, steep and sometimes lonely as many others have.

    May we not look behind, for I fear we won’t find many white American Christians following us.

    But let us take heart as we know Christ is in what you suggest as we remember this sacrifice is “as unto the LORD”.

    If you will allow one other biblical approach that was quite humiliatingly effective for Jesus, Paul and other teachers in scripture; open public rebuke of those who claimed they earned, deserve or took pride in ethnic privilege.

    I think we should not be shy in this as it is biblical; assuming we are prepared for the same biblical backlash.

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