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This page provides a list of our articles for readers who want to learn more about how to ally with their black brothers and sisters.

How to be an Ally 101 Politics

White Evangelicals Must Ask, “Why Does Our Theology Lead to Republicanism?”

Jemar Tisby

Much virtual ink has been spilled discussing the merits of the term “evangelical.” But the energetic attempts to declare #notallevangelicals fall short if they fail to ask, “Why does our theology lead to Republicanism?” The Politics of White Evangelicals The latest debate about evangelicalism relates to the voting habits of white evangelicals in recent elections. […]

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Suggested Resources on Race and our History for the Presbytery of the Mississippi Valley

Ligon Duncan

This compiliation was originally posted on Ligon Duncan’s personal blog. You can find the original, as well as more great content here. Important Online Resources: Race and Church Thabiti Anyabwile, “Jonathan Edwards, Slavery, and the Theology of African Americans,” Thabiti Anyabwile, “Bondage or Freedom? Questions in Early American Theology,” The John L. Girardeau Lectures, […]

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Questions for Potential White Transracial Adoptive Parents

Elizabeth Behrens

“How do I find other Black kids for them to play with?” I was asked this question by a White adoptive mom of two Black preschool-aged daughters. After I recovered from the shock of the question, I responded she needed to start by meeting Black families in her neighborhood, children’s preschool, and church. If those […]

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5 Ways Christian Institutions of Higher Education Can Avoid White Supremacy

Jarvis Williams

When you hear the phrase “white supremacy,” you might naturally associate it with violent, white hate groups that assaulted, harassed, and murdered people of color in the 1900s to create and preserve a white society. In my view, this is a narrow understanding of white supremacy. Certainly, the above definition is an example of white […]

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Jesus and Your Political Party

Duke Kwon

Jesus didn’t (and doesn’t) fit neatly into any political party. His kingdom is “not of this world.” Therefore, we should expect the values and priorities of that “alien kingdom” both to transect and to transcend the political categories of the world. Jesus is neither a Democrat nor a Republican. OK. But, practically speaking, what does […]

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White Washed Walls: A Story of Privilege

Drew Gardner

Growing up, I spent much of my life in settings that were predominately white. The members at my church were mainly white. My public schooling was largely Caucasian. The neighborhoods I grew up in were mostly white. My childhood experience was that of a typical white male, born to middle-class evangelical parents in the twentieth […]

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Reflections from a Black Presbyterian on the PCA’s Overture on Racial Reconciliation

Jemar Tisby

The theme of the the Presbyterian Church in America’s 44th General Assembly was “Refreshed In and For the Cross.” For those present on the evening of June 23, 2016, it may have been one of the most refreshing times in the denomination’s history. That night, Overture 43: Pursuing Racial Reconciliation and the Advancement of the […]

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