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“Alternative Facts” in a Racialized Society

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  1. Edward L. Bryant says:

    Dr. Williams,

    I’m a little older than you and old enough to remember when President Reagan used the “trust, but verify” during the later years of the Cold War. When I consider this new administration, one of the things I find most troubling is their stance of truth. I’ve come to refer to this as our nation’s Nietzsche moment – we’ve elected a “strong man” who makes his own truth. I’ve also been saying “what is truth” in conversations – I guess to remind myself that Jesus IS the way, THE TRUTH, and the life.

    I am very concerned with my Evangelical brothers and sisters who encourage me to “give him a chance,” when this President has done nothing within his first week to prove he is worthy of being given a chance. Also, I cannot and will not merely hand over my responsibilities as a citizen over to this, or any other government administration.

    As my good friend Vince Bacote recently reminded a group at Wheaton – the church has defaulted to a deficient approach to cultural engagement, feeling as though the mere act of voting is enough. I think it is obvious that our nation has entered into a new space, an “undiscovered country” wherein “truth is stranger than it used to be.” this means we will need to, as John Kerry has said, “verify and verify.”

    My hope is that that Church will recapture its true prophetic essence and become people who proclaim “true truth.” Obviously, I’m among those who would argue that this Administration’s “out of the gate” actions are very problematic and signal greater issues of concern.

    Most importantly. my hope is that the Church will reclaim, not a triumphalist and truncated Gospel of individualistic salvation, protectionism, and closed handedness, but rather an engaging and prophetic Gospel-Centered witness that is not afraid to speak truth (in love) and to be faithfully present in our moment.

  2. Mezzula5 says:

    Gospel singer Vicki Yohi (privileged majority) presents an interesting case study of alternative facts. Her black fans offer the marginalized minority perspective as they critique her instagram post in this short video:


  3. DCal3000 says:

    First, kudos for criticizing the Trump administration’s use of the term “alternative facts.” As with previous administrations, one of the best ways to improve government is to take officials to task when they are wrong.

    That said, I am slightly alarmed that this article did not do more to discuss objective truth. I recognize that, as Christians, we must acknowledge that sin inevitably mars our interpretation of facts, but we must also acknowledge that objective facts do exist in God’s created order. We do not simply live in a reality defined by competing racial narratives. We live in a reality ultimately defined by God Himself. I did not see that worldview reflected here.

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