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EJI Reports on Segregation in the United States

The Witness

July 13, 2018— Examining the past history and present reality of segregation in the United States is the subject of a new report and companion website from the Equal Justice Initiative.

Through tracing the history of segregation from the Civil War to the present, the report demonstrates its long-lasting effects on our current society by considering segregationist leaders and identifying key periods in segregation history.

“This report is a rich resource for our communities, states, and country as we grapple with our racist history and the deep-reaching effects of segregation in our institutions,” says Jemar Tisby, president of The Witness and co-host of the podcast, Pass the Mic. “Through connecting different aspects of our nation’s history –from prominent politicians to Confederate monuments– the report illuminates various ways racism has continued to flourish.”

The report names prominent politicians and other leaders who opposed the Civil Rights Movement of the mid-20th century and created local, state, and national systems to segregate institutions.

The companion website details the role that more than 1800 Confederate monuments played in efforts to segregate society along with providing an interactive map showing where and when Confederate monuments were established. The website also features several videos of footage from the Civil Rights era.

To view the report and media, visit:

Equal Justice Initiative Quick Links
EJI Website
Museum and Memorial Website

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