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Pass The Mic AMA From ATL (PTM 217)

Abigail Murrish

Listen in as Jemar and Tyler answer audience questions from PTM Live: ATL.

You can’t be salt and light unless you’re in a place that’s decaying and salt is needed to preserve it, or you’re in a place of darkness that needs light.

–Jemar Tisby

Jemar Tisby: Truth takes courage. Truth heals, but it hurts along the way. We don’t want to face that hurt, whether that’s us causing it or even us being hurt by the truth as we learn it ourselves. But there’s no other way God lays out for it. He said the way is narrow; He meant it.

Tyler Burns: The reason why Jesus is the racial reconciler is because He is the only begotten Son of God. He is announcing a kingdom and He is the king of it. We are one under that kingdom. We are one because He bought that. Racial reconciliation flows out of that theology.

Jemar Tisby: Jesus is a King in a kingdom. Have you give your allegiance to the King? And if you have, guess what you just signed up for? It’s to do justice.

Jemar Tisby: I know your theology by what you do.

We’re all sinful, fallen human beings and it’s because of mercy that we’re saved. So, we know that we won’t meet whatever standard for justice we pursue.

But, that’s not the a reason to not push for justice. It’s a reason to lean into repenting at the feet of a good King who is going to pick you up and say “Go and sin no more.”

–Tyler Burns

Tyler Burns: Speak the truth to everyone.

Jemar Tisby: In an effort to be reconcilers, church-folk can refuse to take a side. And justice has a side. There is justice and injustice.

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  1. Todd Kvamme

    Very thought provoking podcast. I nod my head a yell at the radio all in the period of 30 minutes. On this one…what was being sought for with the term “public restitution” in the Pensicola interchurch statement??

    Thanks again for a very thoughtful podcast…I will continue to listen!!

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