Revelation 5:19 talks about the great multitude of heaven, painting a beautiful tapestry of God’s creative work and his redemptive plan for panta ta ethne… every people group. Yet, as many of us look around our churches on Sunday morning, or our diner tables, most often, the variance of our tapestry is somewhat lacking.

In United, Trillia Newbell addresses questions of diversity and unity from both a personal and biblical perspective. It is a simple read, though the task it grapples with can sometimes be far from simple. It gets the ball rolling on some important discussions for the body of Christ to engage.

I’d love to see that discussion happening here.

So, over the next few weeks, I’ll take United chapter by chapter, giving us an opportunity to walk through a book and a thought process that is much needed in our day.

  1. I’ll give you guys a chance to buy the book, so we’ll get the ball rolling on April 19. You can purchase the book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or through the retailer list at Moody Publishers.
  2. Check back every Friday to join the discussion. I invite you to your thoughts and impressions of the truths United brings to light, as well as your own personal experience grappling with these issues.

Be sure to check back on April 19th having read the Introduction of United and ready to jump in.

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