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Church Planting in a Trailer Park: An Interview with Phil Fletcher

Jemar Tisby

“Why doesn’t someone plant a church in a mobile home park?” One noted theologian ( has often made this challenge to evangelical leaders and denominations that tend to focus their attention on the inner-city and “reaching” blacks. But we found a church planter who started a church in a low-income white community–a mobile home park–in […]

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Come See That the Church is Already Diverse Racially, Culturally, and Ethnically

Anthony Bradley

American Christians have a tendency to see their own denomination, local church, association of partner churches, and so on, as “the church.” With this reduction comes a number of blind spots about what the church looks like around the world. [Tweet “American Christians have a tendency to see their own denom, church or network as “the […]

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What Muted and Sidelined the Presbyterian Voice in Religion and Society?

The Witness

by Dr. Anthony Bradley I’m returning to a question I asked last summer but with a slightly different angle. Last summer, I asked what happened to popular Presbyterianism in a world where the Calvinist resurgence is almost entirely Baptist and non-denominational. In the 1980s and 1990s when I was first introduced to Reformed theology three names dominated […]

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At the Center of My Life: Talking with James Ward on Multicultural Worship Past, Present and Future


Since 2002, Jim Ward has been the Director of Music at New City Fellowship, a Reformed, multicultural congregation in Chattanooga Tennessee. Ward is a highly skilled musician with a love for God, a passion for sound theology, and a great respect for the musical expressions of other cultures. Add to that mix the chops to […]

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