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If You Want to Disciple Young Black Men, Be a Teacher

Jemar Tisby

Black males make up just two percent of public education teachers. That’s right…two percent. Yet public schools, especially in the inner city and other low-income areas are overwhelmingly comprised of racial minorities. I constantly hear black Christian men talking about mentoring black youth. But it’s almost always in the context of church planting, or other “vocational” […]

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A Pimp Told Me

Cyril Chavis, Jr.

Should I Let Her Know? Growing up, one of my favorite hip-hop artists was Talib Kweli. One of his lines from the song, “Hot Thing,” continues to stick with me: “I might be falling in love; should I let her know? A pimp told me if I love her, I should let her go.” This line hints at how […]

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Why Men Use Porn

Tony Stone

Everything in our life has a narrative attached to it. A story. Things don’t happen in isolation, but are interconnected and fit within a storyline. This is also true for sex. [pullquote]Sex isn’t just an act, but one that fits within a narrative.[/pullquote] The narrative that God puts sex to is a sub story of covenant […]

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Roundtable: Sex and Relationships


Jemar & Phillip are joined with Hafeez Baoku & Jasmine Baucham as they discuss the role that sex and relationships play in the Christian life. Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher. Credit: Pass The Mic is fully produced by Podastery Studios. Visit to discover what Podastery can do for you.  Suggested Tweets: [Tweet “On sexual sin: “Who are you trusting […]

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Why You Simply Can’t Love Me for Me

Jasmine Holmes

Pop threw up his hands in disgust, prompted by the third Valentine’s Day movie release advertisement that evening: “This is why young people can’t get married.” Obviously, it’s not Colin Farrell’s fault specifically (don’t ever change, you rakish Irishman). But as our conversation blossomed, I found myself agreeing that the insidious romantic promises carried in […]

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