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There Has To Be A Promised Land: Why Black Christians Should Leave White Evangelicalism

Claude Ball

“Don’t worry about the fighting, worry more when the fighting stops.” – #blackAF On March 9, 2018, Campbell Robertson beautifully wrote the viral New York Times article: A Quiet Exodus: Why Black Worshippers Are Leaving White Evangelical Churches. Though at the time, I was on staff at a majority white Presbyterian church and the thought […]

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PTM: “After Whiteness” with Dr. Willie Jennings

The Witness

Today’s episode is fire. Tyler Burns has the honor of interviewing powerhouse theologian and author, Dr. Willie Jennings. This episode is filled with powerful insights that will strike uncomfortably close to home. For the uninitiated, Dr. Willie Jennings is an Associate Professor of Systematic Theology and Africana Studies at Yale Divinity School. Writing in the […]

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The Early African Framers of the Christian Faith

Celucien L. Joseph

Selected Important Works of Early African Christian Literature in the First 600 Years of Christianity The Christian religion was born in the Roman Empire and consequently spread under its influence and with its support. Christianity moved rapidly from Palestine, Asia, Africa, and then Europe, in that sequential order. The Continent of Africa was a significant […]

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Are We Really Making Progress?

The Witness

Recently, the Barna Research Group released a study about “How the summer of 2020 changed perceptions of racial justice-and what it means for Christian leaders.” The discovery revealed what many Black Christians already knew: In the area of racial justice, “progress” is elusive. Jemar and Tyler are back this week to talk about their frustrations […]

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