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Endurance for a Slow Reconciliation

Dante Stewart

In 2013, Christiopher Muther wrote on the connection between instant gratification and impatience in American culture saying, “The demand for instant results is seeping into every corner of our lives, and not just virtually….But experts caution that instant gratification comes at a price: It’s making us less patient.” This is not only true of American […]

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5 Ways Christian Institutions of Higher Education Can Avoid White Supremacy

Jarvis Williams

When you hear the phrase “white supremacy,” you might naturally associate it with violent, white hate groups that assaulted, harassed, and murdered people of color in the 1900s to create and preserve a white society. In my view, this is a narrow understanding of white supremacy. Certainly, the above definition is an example of white […]

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Cultural Trauma and the Acculturated Jesus


This article first appeared on The Twelve blog. It has been re-posted with permission. Christina Edmondson is the Dean of Intercultural Student Development at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You can find the original and more great content by clicking here. The Jesus of the Bible was a deeply connected, culturally credible Hebrew son. There is […]

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Trump’s Election and Feeling “Safe” in White Evangelical Churches

Jemar Tisby

Some of my comments on an episode of Pass The Mic have invited scrutiny and strong disagreement. In general, I accept this as part of the task of racial reconciliation and a positive sign of tackling the right topics. Due to distorted interpretations, however, I do sense the need to clarify those statements and extend their application. What […]

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Broken Table Fellowship Between White Evangelicals and Christians of Color

Jarvis Williams

Many Christians of color are stunned by the support the president-elect received from white evangelicals. They’re not only stunned, but many have expressed feelings of deception and betrayal by their white brothers and sisters (and black and brown brothers and sisters) in Christ who voted for the president-elect despite his racist and offensive rhetoric against […]

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Whatever Happened to Civility?

Duke Kwon

Incivility in American politics is hardly new. Politicians and ordinary citizens alike have long bemoaned “the divisive tone of politics.” But this year’s presidential race seems to have broken new ground. We’ve beheld an embarrassing litany of personal invective, verbal aggression, puerile put-downs, and playground insults. We’re now at the point where the presidential debates […]

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